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About Us

Welcome to the School of Business & Management

Our Mission

We m­­ake education exceptional by challenging traditional education and offering it beyond conventional boundaries.

Our Vision

To build a diverse and inclusive community. SBM embodies a culture of inclusion where all individuals feel respected, valued and supported, are treated fairly, are provided with a work-life balance and given an opportunity to excel in their chosen careers.

school Of Business & Management (SBM) is explaining about the company.

Our Values

Alongside great success comes responsibility and we have developed core values. These values are important to us because they define who we are and are shared by our students, colleagues, graduates, stakeholders and supporters. Our core values are:

  • Accountability - Holding leadership accountable for implementing these institutional values.
  • Ambition - This has driven us to where we are and will help us to achieve our growth plans.
  • Communications - Ensuring that all communication is presented as a clear opportunity to students, staff, stakeholders and the results are transparent to all.
  • Collaboration – Working hard towards achieving active collaboration between students, colleagues and external partners.
  • Challenge - Embracing challenges and striving to stand out from other competitors.
  • Community - Supporting and inspiring each other by creating more opportunities.
  • Diversity - Improving the representation of minorities at all levels of the organization and integrating individuals of all genders, ages, races, religions and physical abilities by driving talent acquisition and management practices to achieve optimum results.
  • External Relations - Engaging various external stakeholder groups which support and serve proactive talents values and interests.
  • Impact - Making the exceptional happen with our non-conventional thinking, innovative ways of working and generating impactful outcomes.
  • Inclusion - Creating an exclusive environment that promotes creativity, innovation and success.

Who We Are

World Learning Limited (Company Reg. No. C92577), trades as The School of Business & Management (SBM). SBM is licensed to operate as a Further Education Institution by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA), under licence No. 2021-015. The purpose of this educational establishment is to offer recognized British qualifications to Maltese, EU and International students at affordable rates. With over 25 years’ experience in education in various markets, we are excited to be extending our services to Malta. Our courses offer a wide range of skill acquisition opportunities in the form of accredited and recognized British courses. Our student success rate is an impressive one (on average 92%) which is a factor propelling us to bring this success to Malta.

The aims of SBM are student-centred, focused on an inclusive learning community offering a wide range of courses and disciplines that are steered to respond to the key segment of the region and the broader multicultural community. This will be achieved by engaging students in a unique experiential learning environment, producing skilful, innovative and entrepreneurial graduates who possess global and technical competencies.

Diverse and Inclusive

Student's Feedback

In testimonials School Of Business & Management (SBM) is showing a girl studying.
School Of Business & Management (SBM).

My experience at the School of business Management is great and memorable. The teachers and mentors are really helpful and helped me to improve my academic and interpersonal skills.

Mikey Hudson